International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations

Message from ISCSC

December 8, 2017


Dear Members of the ISCSC,


It has been a few months since our last conference at the Marconi Conference Center in Marshall CA, USA. By all accounts it was a modest but successful conference with well known guest speakers and our own members sharing valuable presentations throughout.


As announced there and previously, our 48th Annual Conference will be held in Suzhou, China PRC at Suzhou (Soochow University).


For the past few months, Executive Director Peter Hecht, myself and ISCSC Webmaster Jeff Price have been working non-stop to upgrade the ISCSC website. Added to the website are the latest conference details, registration forms and payment procedures in addition to new and more robust features that will better serve the organization.


The website domain name address remains the same: Please visit the website frequently to explore the new features, updates and new conference information as it is added. Also, please share the website with your colleagues and friends.


We do have business before us: The ISCSC Bylaws need to be revised in order to better sustain the organization and provide clarity in our procedures. I have begun a review of the Bylaws, and discussed the necessary procedures with a number of Board Members and Past Presidents.


Of course, revisions to Bylaws are not done in a vacuum and will be addressed by the full board as initial revisions are developed for a final presentation to the membership for consideration. This process was adopted most recently prior to and at the 2016 ISCSC Conference in Monmouth, where the membership accepted revised Bylaws during our annual meeting.


The ISCSC remains an organization of thoughtful scholars who enjoy collaboration and camaraderie. Our annual conferences are places where we can gather and share our thoughts, exchange ideas and inspire each other.


We are hopeful for a very successful 48th Conference in Suzhou, China PRC and encourage all of you to attend.


Lynn Rhodes, President

International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations